• Superior Fresh Cannabis/Hemp Food not allowed because of Fraud against people

    Posted on July 10, 2013, 9:12 am by Myles O'Howe
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  • Stop and think for a moment, in many places around the world, Superior Fresh Non-Sterilized Cannabis/Hemp Food is not allowed because of Fraud against people. There is so much fear mongering about cannabis, also known as marijuana. People have every right to know they have been misinformed and could be living longer, healthier lives with cannabis in their diet. Hemp seeds are not the only edible and healthy part of the plant, raw cannabis bud with high THC is a healthy way to live a longer and healthier life. Fresh cannabis is suppressed from peoples diets, bullies and frauds mislead people that cannabis is bad and most people don't think twice.

    Children are being mislead and misinformed about their future! What kind of future do you want for children? The cost of living could be cheaper and everyone could save money, people should be able to be self sufficient if they wanted to grow their own cannabis/hemp and not have to be dependent on a source. Help inform others, mainstream media have turned their backs against the people, cannabis prohibition is fraud against people, the failed war on drugs is fraud against people. People are working more and getting less because of fraud against people.

    Some media and websites trying to inform people of Hemp might have an interest to sell less quality hemp seeds and might not care if the people can grow their own superior fresh food. This information is presented so you can make better decisions in your life. Full Cannabis (hemp) seeds are more healthy than store bought hemp seeds. Laws can be repealed making them null and void if you did not know. Get in contact with people in your life, your government and politicians wherever you live and demand everyone including children have the right to grow and eat fresh cannabis/hemp food, and if kids want to be curious and smoke weed, that is a lot safer than kids eating GMO candy, drinking pop and eating dangerous pharmaceutical drugs like aspirin that actually kill people, while smoking weed does not kill people.

    Barack Obama turned his back against Renewable Energy and Cheap Living. So many corrupt politicians like Stephen Harper do not care Canada could be Energy Independent with hemp fuel, think of the toxic tar sands destroying the environment. Children are breathing pollution from poisonous energy sources renewable hemp fuel can make obsolete.