• Barack Obama admits War on Drugs Failure

    Posted on October 12, 2013, 3:09 pm by Myles O'Howe
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  • Historic evidence in the video showing Barack Obama turned his back against Americans admitting the war on drugs is an "utter failure" in 2004. The War on Drugs Fraud undermines the security of America and Americans. Criminals, frauds and Organized crime benefit from people being limited or not being able to grow their own cannabis. Nobody should need a license for growing their own tomatoes or marijuana and be told you can only grow a limited amount of your own superior food and medicine.

    Food and energy prices could be cheaper. America could have already been producing a lot of renewable hemp fuel and energy prices would be cheaper. Pregnant mothers are breathing pollution from poisonous energy hemp fuel can make obsolete. Abundant energy would make the cost of living cheaper because it would be cheaper to transport products, and save lives.

    If people grew their own cannabis/hemp they could save a lot of money providing their own superior fuel/energy and not have to pay bills.